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We brought together the 5 best tipsters in the soccer world and you get to choose from which you want to buy tips from. Here at we believe in letting the bettor decide and you have the 5 best options at a clicks distance.

  • Markos Spyros Tipster

    We found Markos in Greece and we are very happy to announce him as part of our team of elite tipsters.

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    €295/1 Month
  • Alberto Espinoza Tipster

    Alberto who is also called the "top dog" of Premium Leagues. We tested over 100 Tipsters from Spain and

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    €480/1 Month
  • Henrik Erhard

    One thing is sure, you can't go wrong with Henrik, he's been making crazy profits for all our top

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    €933/3 High Stake Tips
  • Ghislain Thomas Tipster

    Straight from the heart of France, Ghislain is an elite tipster with a very dense background

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    €777/2 High Stake Tips
  • Jacob Waterman Tipster

    Jacob Waterman also nicknamed by his clients as "Jacob Winnerman", is a true English man and

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    €933/3 High Stake Tips

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  • From the quality of the tipsters to the quality of the tips to the quality of the winnings I've received, I couldn't be happier with my membership. The tipsters on this site have unmatched knowledge and experience.

    Scott Arnold Ireland

  • I've tried three different tipsters (Markos, Alberto and Jacob) and they are all terrific. Not a bad experience in the bunch. I'll be using them all going forward.

    Vladimyr Chekovsky Russia

  • The five best soccer tipsters all available in one place? Yes, sign me up! I love I look forward everyday to receiving the tips in my email and I look even more forward to placing my bet and winning big money thanks to those tips.

    Jack Teon USA